Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Marchand calls for measures to keep children safe and reduce traffic accidents in Ward 4

WINDSOR, ON – Today, Matt Marchand, Candidate for Ward 4, announced the third in a series of platform components, Love Our Hood: Traffic Calming and Safe Streets.

Click here to read the full strategy, Love Our Hood: Traffic Calming and Safe Streets.

“Ward 4 residents are concerned about traffic and safety on our streets and around our schools,” said Ward 4 Candidate Matt Marchand. The City has adopted a Vision Zero Policy which is a good first step, but now we have to focus on accelerating implementation and proposing ideas.

Love Our Hood: Traffic Calming and Safe Streets features more than 15 recommendations and ideas. Some key highlights include:

  1. Reducing Traffic Accidents. Fast-track traffic calming measures, including stop signs, especially at known dangerous intersections (ex. Gladstone and Richmond) and set targets for implementation.
  2. Keeping Children Safe. Conduct a 30-day review to see if we have enough crossing guards, now that schools are back to full time. If there aren’t enough, we need to staff up aggressively.
  3. New Pilot Projects for School Crossings and Pedestrian Safety. Pilot one each of:
    • Continuous Sidewalks flow uninterrupted through intersections and are accessible.
    • Leading Pedestrian Intervals provide an advanced walk signal so pedestrians begin crossing the street before vehicles get a green signal, increasing pedestrian visibility.

Catch the third episode of Mondays with Matt on Monday, September 26 at 7:00 p.m. where Marchand will further discuss Love Our Hood: Traffic Calming and Safe Streets at

This is the third in a series of policy platforms and ideas under the umbrella of Love Our Hood to be released between now and Election Day. The Matt Marchand for Ward 4 Campaign will be releasing more platform components as the campaign moves forward.

Matt Marchand is running for City Council for Ward 4, with his Proven Policy Success and 20 years of working with the highest levels of local government and business. Marchand will be listening to residents and focusing on community priorities such as safety, affordability, and livability. Join the campaign at and vote Matt Marchand for Ward 4 on Monday, October 24, 2022.