The second episode of my weekly Mondays with Matt video podcast series is now available. Thanks to my good friend Ryan Richardson for hosting!

In this episode, we discuss my second platform: Love Our Hood: Crime Prevention and Safety Strategies. This strategy includes ideas around freeing up officer time so we have more police on the frontline in the same cost envelope, more lighting for crime hot spots, and crime prevention initiatives.

We’ll be releasing a new episode every Monday going over my different platforms for Ward 4. Don’t miss it!

Matt Marchand is running for City Council for Ward 4, with his Proven Policy Success and 20 years of working with the highest levels of local government and business. Marchand will be listening to residents and focusing on community priorities such as safety, affordability, and livability. Join the campaign at and vote Matt Marchand for Ward 4 on Monday, October 24, 2022.